Anneliese's Technical Business Guide

Welcome to the Technical Business Guide! My name is Anneliese Kronenberg and I am going to help you learn how you can use today’s technologies to help grow your business. Everyone knows that technology is making the world faster and more convenient but if you do not understand the technologies at hand it can make life a bit more complicated.

All companies big and small can benefit from understanding new technology and how it can help their business grow and become more lucrative. Business owners need to understand what is available and how it can be used for their particular business regardless if their business cuts hair or sells groceries.

I am fascinated by technology and am always looking for the next top gadget, even if I really do not need it for my own personal use. But if will help my business I want to make sure I do my research and make sure I can use it. Some of the best technologic inventions that have helped businesses and the world alike grow are:

See other inventions that have changed our lives as we know it here.

Many businesses already have made the crossover to some technologies but some need to take the next step to more advanced technologies, especially in their advertising. Barcode technology has made vast advancements and huge steps for marketing. Smartphones have advanced the speed of gathering information and using barcodes or QR codes has only made that go even faster.

Take a look at the information at hand and hopefully you will be able to make a decision for business in making the next technological step.