Business Basics

The main focus of the information I have written is to help the regular business owner like yourself know what is important and tips on how you can improve your business. I am a big proponent of marketing and advertising and I will be discussing the basics as well as key tips that any business can use. I will follow with the use of technology and how it ties into marketing campaigns, product placement, etc. Advancing the speed that your consumers can receive information about your business and what you have to offer is key into getting them to buy from you and not your competitor. We will get into the advanced technology talk later, but for now its back to basics. Here are some big points for any business owner to know, and know well.

Business Plan:

Whether you are interested in starting your own business or you already have one its is extremely important to have a business plan. It is good to have your ideas for your business and its future on paper so you can refer back to it from time to time to make sure you are on the track you had planned, or you are still heading in the direction of success.

A business plan is never set in stone nor is it ever complete. It is more or less a guideline for you to follow in order to be successful. Things you need to remember when making your business plan and running a successful business: make your business stand out above the competition; know the industry your business is in; know your products and what you are selling; having some organization and management to help your business run smoothly; know how to market your business and products/services; know how much you have to put into the business (if you are just starting one). These are only tips off the iceberg, but they are essential in developing and running a successful business. No one makes millions over night. It takes a lot of time and effort in order to make sure your business does not fail with in the first two years.

Advertising Development:

Anytime I walk into a business the first thing I ask myself is if I recognize the brand name or logo. That is one of the first topics I bring up during my business consulting discussions with my clients. If I don’t know who they are or what they do, how many others do not know either? How do I know they sell more than pizza? How do I know they make their own crust and have free delivery? They may seem like simple questions, but if you are a pizza place and there are 5 other competitors in your area you need to make sure that you will stand out amongst the other pizza places. That could mean you do have free delivery or have fresh dough everyday. But unless you tell every potential customer on the street, they may not know that at first glance. It is all relative and any business needs to understand how import their brand is for their business. It is almost like a silent mascot that advocates for your products and services that you have to offer to your consumers. If people don’t see your brand, hear about it some shape or form, how are they supposed to know about you?

It is also important to know who is apart of your target market so you will know what will most likely appeal to them whenever you advertise. It will also help you decide what advertising media to use. You don’t necessarily need a big budget to advertise as long as you advertise in an effective manner. That may be where QR codes can come in. When you print up any brochures, posters, etc., make sure next time to place a QR code that takes your customers to your website, Facebook page, or even gives them a coupon on their next visit. This is also a great way to use technology to your advantage. By combining the power of social media and QR codes, you may be able to spread the word on that new product you have been trying to sell much quicker than if you were to buy a 30 second advertising spot after the evening news. The key to having a successful business is staying one-step ahead of your competition and giving your customers your information as soon as possible.