Helpful QR Code and Related Technology Terms Defined

Here are a few terms you may not know!

1) QR Codes - two-dimensional barcodes that are designed to have its contents scanned and decoded very fast.

2) Smartphone - a device that can make and receive phone calls, emails, text messages and edit documents. Higher operating systems like Android. Have the ability to use apps to complete daily tasks. Web access.

3) Barcode - is a small image vertical black bars and spaces that correlate to retail store items, identification, product numbers, people, and locations. There are five parts to a barcode; quiet zone, start character, data character(s), stop character, and another quiet zone. 

4) QR Code Reader - the application and software used to decode a QR code and give the reader the information found in the QR code that as scanned. Many readers can be downloaded to smartphones.

5) QR Code Generator - there are many free websites for people to go to to create their own QR codes. The generator’s create the actual QR code based on the information the reader gives it.

6) QR Code Analytics - data that is collected to measure traffic, business and marketing research through the use of the QR codes. Also helpful for measuring results of print media campaigns.

7) Social QR Codes - QR codes designed specifically for social sharing through social medias like Facebook.

8) 3D Barcode - similar to 2D barcodes except they are made up of random black boxes that are scattered across a white background rather than just lines.

9) App, Apps - also known as application. Describes mobile phone applications in smartphones and tablets. Apps include games, tools, resources, etc.

10) Data Networks - digital networks that are used to send data that does not include any audio or video.

11) Thumb Drive - also known as a USB flash drive that holds memo ry data. Portable device that can be connected to any other device with a USB port. Holds memory without a power supply.

12) QWERTY Keyboard - Generally smartphones have a QWERTY keyboard, which means the keys are laid out like that of a computer’s keyboard.

13) Bluetooth - short range wireless interconnection of electronic devices like cell phones.