Mobile QR Codes

Mobile phones have been evolving for quite a bit of time and have allowed for easier communication among people all over the world. We have the capability to wirelessly call a friend at the touch of a button.

The concept of the mobile phone developed during the late 1940s after the mobile car phone. Bell Laboratories produced the first concept of a cellular phone. Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first cell phone in 1973 with the help of others in order to harness the portable cell phone capabilities. Cell phones were available to the public in 1984. They were bulky, and rather expensive, so they were not an immediate hit.

The Federal Communications Commission paired with Bell Towers and AT&T to establish broadcast towers that covered a “cell” which allowed for calls to pass from tower to tower.

Cell phones have evolved quickly and some are the size of a credit card and have similar capabilities like that of a computer. People have the ability to make a phone call, surf the web, and edit documents with just one device. Some phones even have the capability to turn the lights on or off at home when an individual is away.

Mobile phones have revolutionized our society and the way we interact with one another. Businesses are starting to take advantage of that by having people use text messages to receive more information or participate in charitable donations. Businesses are also using mobile phones to market their businesses. With advancements in technology mobile phones have the capabilities to interpret information like after scanning a QR code with a mobile phone QR code scanner. Mobile QR codes have become increasingly more popular since many people either own or have access to a smartphone with QR code reading capabilities. Businesses are adding QR codes to their advertisements, business cards, commercials, billboards, products or anywhere else a customer may happen to see them. Customers have the ability to scan these QR codes with their mobile phones to access more information about what the business is promoting, visit the business’s Facebook page or even receive discounts that they can share with friends.

Mobile QR codes are so easy and convenient to use, which is why they are catching on so fast. Businesses need to take advantage of it if they haven’t already done so since this is a more advanced technologic age.