QR Code Business Card Generator Help

So you have decided that you would like to make a QR code for your business card. Before you get started there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you visit a (QR code business card generator) site.

  1. What kind of information would you like your QR code to hold?
  2. Will you have other contact information on your business card or do you want the QR code to hold that information for you?
  3. Do you use social medias? If so, would you want your QR code to promote the social medias that you use for your business?
  4. Where were you thinking about placing the QR code on your business card?
  5. Are you going to redesign a business card to include your new QR code or are you going to use an existing design and just add the QR code to it?
  6. Do you want your QR code to take people to your business’s website? Will your website provide the information that people may be searching for?
  7. Do you want the information in the QR code itself or use the QR code as a landing page that leads to other places for contact or general information?

Once you have figured out which route or route you are thinking about taking with your QR code, it is really important to take a look at your current business card and what it may look like with a QR code on it. If it looks like it will be crammed or hard to read it may be smarter to redesign your business card to fit the needs of the message you are getting across and your QR code. You can use this site to help gather some creative and unique ideas for your QR code business card.