QR Codes and Business Cards

Business Card History

Business cards are cards of varying size, shape, color, and material that bear the business information of an individual or company. During the 17th century in London, business cards were given out as advertising pieces, but were known as tradecards. Tradecards eventually petered out towards the 19th century because of other forms of advertising medias like newpapers were invented and were less expensive to produce. 

Today’s business cards are more closely associated with calling or visiting cards from the 15th century from Europe. Calling cards were collected and distributed by house servants to all incoming visitors who may have made their presence known while the owners of the residence were away.

Sales professionals were some of the first to need a more professional card in order to introduce themselves to clients. Calling cards were for personal use and tradecards were advertising use. A business card was merely a clever combination of the two that provided contact information and a visual aid of the business matter at hand.

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QR Codes and Business Cards

Business cards are an effective way for professionals and business owners to spread their contact information to other parties. Technology has made today’s business cards much more about the design and eye-catching ability rather than the actual information it displays. However, that is changing with the increasing popularity of including QR codes on business cards. (QR code business cards) are helping business professionals to share more information other than just contact information with customers and clients. Business professionals now have the ability to provide additional information about them, their business, social medias, or information about a particular product or service just by simply having a QR code created and placed on their business card. All of their customers or clients will be able to access more helpful information using their QR code readers that may lead to the next communication step and ultimately the beginnings of a business relationship. 

(QR code business cards) are becoming increasingly more frequent and are a big proponent in increasing many businesses’ networking abilities on social medias like Facebook. More customers are able to quickly visit a business or individual’s Facebook page and can “like” their page and even share the information with friends and family. Some QR codes lead to the business’s website which can also give more information for the customer to take a look at.

Some businesses may also have some kind of discount or coupon that is in the QR code that customers can not only share but they can also use the coupon/discount with their future purchases. Businesses will be able to track that particular coupon or discount that was offered through the QR code based on how many customers physically claim them. (QR code business cards) make it easy for people to share and save information about a business and what it is offering to its markets.

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