QR Codes in Retail and Real Estate

QR codes in Retail

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with technology and businesses are doing their best to take advantage of that by using new marketing campaigns and QR codes. Retail stores are using QR codes to market new products and even offer coupons and discounts for their customers.

There are a few ways that retail stores are using QR codes.

  1. Some retailers are placing QR codes into the design of their shop’s window display. Shoppers are able to scan the QR codes on the stores display window and immediately receive any discounts, games, or other offers by the business. Customers can share anything that they received with their friends on Facebook and Twitter and invite others to take advantage of what the business may be offering.
  2. Many retailers are placing QR codes in their magazine and billboard ads, increasing the brand-to-consumer engagement; time the consumer is interacting and sharing promotional materials, and the overall brand. The QR code can link to a promotional video, webpage or even a friendly competition amongst other customers on Facebook.
  3. Retailers are adding QR codes to their in-store displays and packaging, which provides customers with additional information on the product itself or other related products and services.

QR codes in retail are revolutionizing the way people are shopping and buying products. They now have the capabilities to learn more about a particular product without even having to ask a salesperson. Who knows maybe in the future QR codes will be the ultimate salesperson.

QR codes in Real Estate

QR codes in real estate can be very useful for real estate agents trying to promote themselves as well as the houses they are trying to sell. Real estate agents can place QR codes on their business cards that take customers to their realtor sites or other websites that have property listings right on their smartphones.

Realtors can place QR codes in the following locations:

These are all great ways in incorporate QR codes in real estate and develop a better relationship with potential buyers.