Restaurant QR Codes

Businesses all over the world know that in order to bring in customers they need to market themselves and make their business seem more appealing than their competitors. Restaurants have used many creative ways to try and market their dishes and general atmosphere of the business. Some restaurants want to portray themselves as family oriented serving homemade Italian dishes while others want to be more known for their fried foods and eating competitions. Either way, these restaurants need to market themselves in some way, whether it is through print medias, television, or using technology.

Technology of the 21st century seems to be the answer for a lot of businesses, particularly restaurants when it comes to engaging customers the fastest. Restaurants are using QR codes to engage their customers to learn more about the restaurant’s history or watch how some dishes they make are prepared. This also allows the business to interact with its customers at a whole new level, which will allow for greater and faster feedback.

Check out 16 Uses of Restaurant QR Codes:

  1. History of the Restaurant –This can come in handy for customers who have never been to this establishment before. They may be interested to learn the family history, any quirks, and any regular traditions that may take place at the restaurant.
  2. Videos of a Variety of Dishes Being Made –What better way to show of the restaurant’s signature dishes than actually show them off!
  3. Staff Interviews – People like to interact with people who have things in common, whether it may be a hobby, job, interests, etc. Allowing the staff to give 30 seconds of their time to talk a little about themselves give an additional personal touch that customers may really appreciate. Some staff members that have been working for the same restaurant for years may be able to share with customers in the videos why they love working for this business and that they hope the customer will feel the same and would want to be apart of the restaurant’s extended family.
  4. Chef Interviews – People always want to know who is cooking their food so this would be a great way for people to start to develop a more personal relationship with the chef. The chef can share their favorite dishes or perhaps try and get feedback from their customers on new dishes or how to make particular dishes even better. Feedback is key in any business if it is actually taken into consideration.
  5. Recipes on Video – Many restaurants have certain dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation and may have some secret ingredient that they may not want to share. However, perhaps offering a recipe for a new dish every now and then would be a great way for customers to get involved in a new way and allow them to maybe make their own dish.
  6. Nutrition Facts of Dishes – This would be hugely beneficial if the restaurant has vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or other dishes that their customers may be interested in learning more about. Perhaps there is a calorie counter or even a list of nutrition facts for every dish on the menu. Any health conscious individual would be interested in reading the facts of their favorite food dishes.
  7. Coupons and Discounts – Customers can show their phones to their server in order to receive their coupons or discounts. A video promoting QR code coupons and discounts is a great way for customers to know to use the QR codes and come back to the business in order to receive additional discounts.
  8. Restaurant QR Codes can go on what else? – Restaurant QR Codes can be used anywhere in the restaurant. Business owners can place them on flyers, takeout menus, signs, brochures or even TO-GO boxes.
  9. Customer Surveys – Restaurants can gather positive and negative feedback much faster than the survey receipts that most customers may forget about by the time they get home. It’s a great way to have the customers’ feedback immediately when its still fresh in their minds, rather than hours, or days down the line.
  10. Loyalty Programs – QR codes have the capabilities of having ready-to-send text messages for something like a loyalty program for its customers. This can be a great way for those repeat customers to receive extended perks for their customer loyalty.
  11. Daily Specials – Most all restaurants have some kind of regular and daily specials. Having those specials in a QR code that customers can scan easily may help them to decide if they want to go to one particular restaurant or another.
  12. Location, Location, Location! – Having a QR code that when scanned goes directly to Google Maps is a great way for people who may have never been to a certain restaurant actually be able to find the place.
  13. Contact Info – This QR code can be placed on takeout menus where people can easily scan the code and add the business contacts to their phone.
  14. Event Details – Are there any events coming up? A great way for customers to quickly be able to view the upcoming events that they may want to participate in.
  15. Takeout Menus – This gives customers direct access to the digital version of the takeout menu through their phones, without having to search online or perhaps their fridge for one.
  16. Education– Promoting a business is important through its education. Perhaps this business has something special that sets it apart from its competition. Maybe there is a signature food dish with a funny story behind it. Or maybe there are other things the restaurant does that customers may not know about. An easy way to spread the word!