Tracking QR Codes

Businesses that do any sort of marketing campaign, whether it be print medias, television or using QR codes, they need to be able to track the results to figure out if money was well spent and it is triggering a response from consumers.

In order to track QR code’s success, a business would need to see who many people have used the QR codes that were used for a particular campaign. Some companies offer QR code tracking right when the QR code is created. This obviously makes checking it easier down the road, but not everyone does that when they first make a QR code.

Use these tips when building your next marketing campaign using QR codes. This will help track QR codes using Google Analytics:

  1. Plan your marketing campaign- You will need to figure out where you will want to place your QR codes and what you are thinking about having created into the QR codes themselves. Do you want it to just hold your business contact information or go to your Facebook page? You will also need to know if you want to track your entire campaign or just specific parts, like just the QR codes that were on brochures. Each new media will have a different QR code as well, which can help in organization down the road.
  2. Google Campaign Builder- By using Google Campaign Builder you will be able to build your own URLs for each segment. By using this tool an additional string is added to the end of your website URL that can be traced and interpreted by Google Analytics Campaign section. You will need to make a new URL for every segment you would like to track in your marketing campaign.
  3. Use a URL Shortener to shorten the link- QR codes change size based on the number of characters in the URL. The shorter the URLs the easier it will be to work with when tracking the QR codes later on.
  4. Generate Your QR Code- Use the shortened URL that you have just created and place it into a QR code generator of your choice. You are now on your way!

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