Using QR Codes

QR codes may seem confusing or tricky since it is unlike the regular barcodes people are used to seeing on the bottom of their sugar. Rest assured QR codes are easy to use and are very useful. The most popular way to scan and read a QR code is with a cell phone, particularly a smartphone. Any user can download a QR code reading application right to their phone for free especially with a smartphone. Some smartphones today are already equipped with QR code reader so be sure to check the smartphone’s current apps.

After the QR code application has been installed use the camera on the phone in order to scan the QR code. The purpose of the QR code reader is to decode the data that has been programmed into the QR code.

(Using QR codes) has new meaning now that people also have the capabilities to create their own. People can use them to promote their business or even an event they may be apart of. Schools and colleges use them so students can link to teacher or professor pages and libraries. Businesses will use them for advertising and marketing purposes so that all of their consumers both current and potential are getting updated information as quickly as possible.

Breakdown of (using QR codes):

  1. Check to see if cell phone has QR code reader capabilities
  2. If not, download a QR reading application using
  3. Point the camera at the QR code being inquired about
  4. Take the picture
  5. Take a look at the information that was decoded about the QR code