What Are QR Codes?

QR codes, you see them on your favorite hair spray, in your latest magazine and at the cash register when you are checking out at your local grocery store. What are these weird black and white symbols? QR codes is short for (quick response codes) and is a two-dimensional matrix barcode. First developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota in 1994, QR codes were originally used to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. QR codes are different from regular barcodes in that they incorporate data both horizontally and vertically. This allows for a significant amount of data to be encoded in a much smaller amount of space. A QR code is capable of storing different types of text information including: a website URL, contact information, phone numbers, calendar events and even text messages.

QR codes can be read by QR barcode readers but most people in this day and age have smartphones that have the capabilities to either scan the QR codes using an APP or with the camera, giving immediate access to a wide range of information.

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular due to our advanced technology age. People want information at a much faster pace and all businesses are trying to keep up. You may see QR codes on billboards, products, in magazines, and even on individuals’ business cards. QR codes are also making their way into the classroom providing another learning tool for teachers and their students. This could ultimately be a major technological advancement in education that would lead to stronger connections and communications with parents and teachers as well as the students. It may even make transitioning into college much easier for high school students.

QR codes are helping people to learn more about not just products but also events, businesses, and even services in their area nearly as soon as they have completed scanning the QR code with their smartphone.